Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Week 3

It's time for us to post our finds for week three of Misi's scavenger hunt over at 1890 Gable House Musings. This week was a challenge for me. I was able to come up with 4 of the items on the list to continue on to next week.

The list this week is~

Stool with hooked top
Tin funnel
Putz (or like) sheep
Crow on stick
Wooden cigar mold
Silhouette box
Pure maple syrup sign or syrup can

A little sad I only have four items, but I did squeak by for week four.

I hooked this piece years ago when my boys were 5 & 2. I traced their hands & hooked them. It's a wonderful keepsake for me.

A hooked crow on a stick.

Old tin funnel & silhouette box.

Make sure to head over to Misi's blog to check out the other offerings.

Have a good evening~Becky

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gatherings Cupboard Decorated

Good Morning!! It's a beautiful sunshiny morning here. I only have a few hours before heading off to work today, so I'm going to show off my new cupboard from Gatherings.

Here she is in my dining room all decorated.

I couldn't fit the whole thing in one picture, so I had to take a top half & a bottom half.

Here's the top. I'm still working on this. Need something for the dough trencher. I'm thinking about painting the firkins. What do you think? None of them are very old.

Hung a quilt & wreath on the door.

Upper half.

Close up of top shelf.

Center shelf.

Another close up shot.

Prim Easter eggs from OLM. Love them!!

Bottom shelf.

Closer view. Slave doll is also from OLM. So wanted one & tada ~one was in my almost bottomless box of goodies. Yippee!!

The blue grey box was my only other purchase on my trip to Gatherings. It came from another little shop down the highway a bit.

Hooked bowl of goodies I've collected over the years.

Hope you enjoyed my new blue cupboard.

Off to blog hop a bit & then to work.

Enjoy your day~Becky

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Display Chain...Stripes

Good Morning~

I'm linking up with Misi at 1890 Gable House Musings  for her Tuesday display chain. This week's theme is stripes. These are in random order. I just went around snapping pictures. Hope you enjoy them.


I could have gone on & on, but didn't want to bore you. Make sure to click on the link above to see the other beautiful posts for today's theme.

Enjoy your day~Becky

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lookie what followed me home from Gatherings in Iowa...

Happy Monday!!
My mom & I made the trip to Iowa on Friday to check out Gatherings. It was definately worth the drive. A huge store just stuffed full of prim goodies!! I'm so glad I don't live closer cuz I would be in a heap of trouble. Wanda does ship though so if ya see something you like, you don't have to take a road trip.

This is what followed me home. LOL I spent most of the day Saturday playing with displays in it. I'll post pics of that later.

I really wanted to take lots of pictures of the store to share with you all, but dingdong that I am, I forgot my camera. Oh~I had it packed all right. It was in a small box~along with my project for the road (mom was driving), right next to my purse & can you believe I forgot the whole box. Yep~dingdong!! I have to chalk it up to all the excitement of heading there.

Teresa~if you're reading this, I did get to see  your "jugs".  LOL  Wanda hadn't mailed them out yet. I'm so jealous!! They're WAY bigger than mine.

I'm off the the antique mall with my sewing group. We're taking a field trip today instead of sewing. I'll take my camera today, although these pics won't be quite as wonderful as the Gatherings ones would have been.

Enjoy your day~Becky

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Giveaway at A Primitive Place Magazine's Blog

Happy Sunday all~

Wanted to let you know about this terrific giveaway at A Primitive Place.  This wonderful basket is made by Pam of Basketsnprims. Hop on over & check out their new blog & sign up for your chance to win this beauty.

I'll be back later to show you my purchase from my trip to Gatherings.

I'm off to work~Becky

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Goodies From White Sheep Farm

Good morning~

The sun is shining, melting our snowy ice mix. It's a beautiful day (as long as you stay indoors.)
I want to show you the goodies that arrived at my door yesterday. Teri at White Sheep Farm  had an Easter hunt on her blog. She had us hunt for clues in her posts & we had to guess what the clues added up to. From the correct guesses she then chose a winner. Yippee!! I was the lucky winner. This is what she sent me...

A bunny from her personal collection, some of her hand made daffodils....

A closer look at her wonderful daffodils.

This beautiful Spring cross stitched pin keep.

Three little Spring chicks & a Thank you card. Yes~a thank you card. She thanked me for reading her blog!! I love her blog. She does a pic each week called Sunday Smile & it's worth checking in just to see that each week. But she has so much more... If you haven't visited her yet~please do. I guarantee you'll have a smile on your face.

I'm off to sew!!

Have a great day~Becky

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Week 2 Offerings for Misi's Scavenger Hunt

Once again, I'm playing along with Misi on her very fun & challenging scavenger hunt. This is week two & she promises us it will get harder each week. We are given a list of items to find & we need 4 to make it to the next week. I'm having a wonderful time & will continue to play along.

This weeks list had seven items. They are~ a child's chair.

Blue Willow china...1 piece

Tin or metal tree...

Wooden toy boat...

Corn dryer.... Mine is minus the corn,

Colonial print~must contain both a boy & a girl.

We got a bonus chance this week as Misi's Bero chose an item for us to find~a buggy yoke.

Not sure if all my goodies will pass, but I do have enough to continue on to week #3. Yippee!! Can't wait to see what goodies Misi comes up with next week. Make sure to check out what others have posted as there is at least one entry that will give you quite the giggle.

Off to blog hop for a while, then I have a swap to package up, taxes to go over (got them back from the tax man yesterday), a couple RAK to ship out, & need to finish up my Pay it Forward goodies. The goal is to make just one trip to the post office tomorrow.

Heading to Gatherings in Iowa to check out the shop this week. Can't wait!!

Enjoy your day~Becky