Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Blogging Friends.....May your day bring more treats than tricks.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A productive day off

Good Morning!! It's still morning here for a little bit. I'm off today and have a huge list of things I want to get done. I've got a great start....laundry is done, dinner is in the slow cooker, cookies are baking, and I'm trying to finish up some ornies for a swap. I think I can get it all done and help my son with his Eagle Scout project later today. He needs to spread some landscaping stone when school is out. I guess I better finish up this post & shut down the computer.
Have a wonderful day friends~Becky

Praying for all my friends that are being affected by Sandy.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two More Treats

Here are two more of my treats from Miss Marie...Olde Lady Morgan.
A huge misfit pumpkin. I didn't realize how big these guys are. He's sitting on my bench with a quilt I made a couple of years ago.

And here is Miss Maggie. She sits in my family room in front of a nice stack of prim baskets. Don't ya just love her turkey hands??

Have a great day everyone. I'm working on ornaments today before heading to work.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Some of My Goodies in Their Homes

Good Afternoon. I'm popping in quickly to show off some of my goodies from my swap with Olde Lady Morgan in their homes.
Two little witches are right at home in my kitchen.
Antique candy container on top of my newest cubby in my kitchen. It looks so lonely all my itself. Thanks Marie...I may have to go looking for more. Wanna help??? Such a bad girl you are...hehe!!

Big ole white pumpkin on top of my stove board. Love it!!

Grater, little shoo fly, and a couple of needle felted acorns in a small wooden bowl.
Prim little doll. Kind of reminds me of my mom with her grey hair. So precious. And to the left on the little blue cubby...a couple of needle felted pumpkins and acorns.

 Prim Henry and his little sister Hillary. Henry was a purchase from Marie....I begged her to make me one after someone else beat me to him on her selling blog. Hillary was a special request for our swap. I thought Henry needed some company. Marie, sweetheart as she is, made Hillary for me. Don't you just love her dress?? It's an antique baby dress. The little white pumpkin is from our swap we did last year.
I have a few other goodies from Marie, but I'll save those for another post. Have a great day everyone. I'm off to work.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ms. Becky and her Misfit pumpkin

Good Morning...I'd like you all to meet Ms. Becky. Ms. Becky is an Olde Lady Morgan original creation. She was made for me in the first swap I ever did with Marie. She has a special place in my home...she sits in an antique baby booster chair with a wonderful old antique quilt piece. Ms. Becky is a sassy girl (a little like me..hehe). So anyway..she's been wanting something to hang onto for the Fall season, so I requested a little misfit pumpkin just for her. When I unwrapped it, Ms. Becky went WANT,WANT,WANT!!! So here she is with her very own misfit pumpkin.
Thank you Marie for making Ms. Becky a very happy girl.

Have a beautiful day my friends~Becky

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pitter Patter Goes My Heart Compliments of Olde Lady Morgan

Good Morning. I just finished up swapping with a wonderful blogging friend. Marie from Primitives by olde lady morgan & I did a personal swap. My package arrived a little over a week ago. Today I'm going to show you how she spoiled me. And in the days ahead, I'll show you where my treasures ended up in my home. goes.... The giant box arrives. I haul it into the house but can't open it right away because I've just gotten home from by son's bake sale & I'm late for a baby shower. So the box sits & I think about it for the next 5 hours or so until I arrive home. Once home, I rip into it.

The view when I open it up. Believe was hard to stop & take the picture.

The first package gets ripped apart. I can't contain my giggles....
A very large white pumpkin...

A special request...a girl rabbit. Don't ya just love her antique dress???
Fantastic needle felted pumpkins & acorns...

Another special request....a little misfit for Ms. Becky. Ms. Becky was a giftie from Marie from our very first swap.

A newest addiction....started by none other than Missy Marie when we met up & had a girls day out. And...this little shoo fly...LOVE..
So when we played in Oshkosh, she showed me these little antique candy containers that she collects. Naughty girl sent me one....I think she's trying to start another obsession.. He he..
Funky alphabet dollie..Love her in her blue dress...

Ms. Maggie the turkey handed girl. Little did Missy Marie know that I have a Maggie in my family. My neice is named Maggie. Maggie has a special place in my home. She is wonderful!!
And last, but not least...a GIANT misfit. I never knew how big these guys were. I love, love, love him.

So visit again to find out where all these goodies showed up. Thank you Marie for another fantastic swap!! Marie sells here goodies online, so hop on over to her blog to visit. Just click on her name at the top of this post to visit her.

Have a wonderful day friends~Becky

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Display Chain...Patina

It's Tuesday and time for the display chain again. The display chain is hosted by the talented Misi of 1890 Gable House Musings. This is the final week of the chain and the theme is "Patina". Love this one...I could go on & on. Warning....this is a picture heavy post.  This time I 'll keep the yakking to minimum and let you look at the pictures. Hope you enjoy them.
Since it was a beautiful Fall day, I took advantage of the weather & took some pics around the yard.



And inside...



See that wonderful white pumpkin??? It's from a swap I did with Marie from Primitives by Olde Lady Morgan. I'll show you all my goodies in a post coming soon.





Some other goodies from Marie...the little doll and the tiny pumpkins on the childs cupboard.


I could keep on going, but I'm stopping here. I'm off to visit the others participating in the chain. Thanks again to Misi for hosting. It's been great fun.

Have a great night all~Becky

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Display Chain...See it..Do it.

 It's Tuesday and time once again for the Display chain hosted by the talented Misi of 1890 Gable House. This weeks theme is See it..Do it..  

I have been pinning like crazy on Pinterest and have quite a few projects I would love to try. Here are just a few...I will share the links with you all, so you can check them out if you would like. I like how some of the projects turned out...others~not so much. So here goes....

 Project number one...treat bags made from newspaper. The link is here.

 My version...I actually like how these turned out. My pictures don't do this justice. It is a very easy & inexpensive project to do. The only thing I would do different is make my bags a little shorter & wider.

 Project number 2.... A light up pumpkin. Inspiration was found here.

 Hollow out your pumpkin, drill holes any way you want, and add lights. I used an old set of Christmas lights. Love the idea of this, but I wasn't thrilled with the results. I think next time I will use a stencil. 

 Project #3 is a paper project. You can find the link here.

 Love this one. I did not make this one. A friend from work loves paper crafts & made this for me. 

 And for the kiddos or kiddos at heart, project 4 can be found here.  This is a simple project made from toilet paper tubes. Cut some eyes, add a glow stick, and stick in the bushes. Spooky eyeballs. Perfect for Halloween.

Here is my version. Easy...yep!!

This is what it looks like in the bushes.

 Thank you to Misi for hosting the chain again this week. I missed the second week of the chain & really missed it. I'm glad I was able to join in this week.

Make sure to head over to Misi's blog to check out the other offerings in this week's chain. That's where I'm headed.

Have a wonderful evening~Becky