Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Craft show pictures

I had the opportunity these past two weeks to sell my creations at two different craft shows near my home town. The first show I did was the week end of September 12 and 13 at Trimborn Farm Park in Greendale, Wisconsin. This is a fabulous fall show at an old historic farm in the heart of the city of Greendale. The farm has been turned into a park for all to enjoy. I didn't get any pictures of the park, but if you are interested you can check it out at www.milwaukeehistory.net/historic_properties/trimborn_farm.html . The other show I did was on September 19 at the grounds of Holy Hill church. Both shows are fantastic shows. I had a wonderful time at both shows. This picture is of the crowd of people at the Holy Hill show. This aisle is big enough to drive a truck down and it was solid people most of the day.

These are the witches I made with a pattern by Viv of Blue Moon Beginnings. It is her liberty angel pattern. Idecided to make witches instead of Americana angels. I will make the angels later, but know people are more geared toward fall and Halloween at this time of the year.

Next comes my watermelon mice made from a Kentucky Primitives pattern.

This wonderful pattern comes from Sandi at the Olde Country Cupboard. Love him!!

This picture is from my show at Trimborn farm park.

Another picture from the Trimborn show. My booth looked so crowded. I wish I would have take after pictures.

Another picture from the Trimborn show.

This picture came from the Holy Hill show.

Another before picture from the Holy Hill show.

This box is one of my make overs. I started with a plain wood box that had an Amish couple painted on the front that I got from Goodwill for $ 1.50. I roughed it up and spray painted it flat black. After it dried, I sanded it a little more and rubbed it with Minwax Colonial Walnut stain. I made the wool mat that is on the front cover from some scraps of wool. After I glued the mat on the front of the box, I needed something to cover the heart on the top part of the box. I used some more scraps of wool and made the little round pumpkin penny to cover the heart. Love how it turned out.
I finally have a little time to breath. I don't have another show for about a month, so I'm finally going to take the time and get out my fall goodies.
Happy Fall~Until next time,

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