Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hello Mailman....Thank you Misi!!

About a week ago, this showed up on my porch...

It was a package from Misi at http://1890gablehousemusings.blogspot.com/. I was a lucky winner of her Tuesday display chain. The prize was supposed to be one of her yummy apple candles. She emailed & said she had tucked in a couple extra goodies. Oh my!!! Lookie what she sent me....

The box was full of all these fabulous goodies!! Just look at it all!! I can't even begin to describe the smell.. All I can say these goodies smell soooo good!!

Now I'll show you where I put them...

The clove studded candle looks fabulous on a fabric covered box in my kitchen.

Here's a close up...

The precious little beeskep is also in my kitchen in my newest little cubby.

Here's a close up of the beeskep.

This large tart found a home on my stove board under my make do fly screen .

I was also lucky enough to receive one of Misi's can candles. I can't stop sniffing it! Hehe!! I haven't burned it yet (too hot) , but I can smell it every time I walk past it.

Here's a close up.

The final goodie was this apple candle. It found a new home on top of a stack of cubbies in my dining room. Isn't it awesome?? I think it found the perfect home.

Thank you so much Misi for making my day a lot brighter!!!

If you'd like to buy some of Misi's awesome handmades, click on the link at the beginning of this post. It will take you to her blog which has a link to her selling blog. Order some goodies for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

I'd like to thank you all for your kind words & wonderful comments. I'm finding it hard to keep up with my blog & all that Summer brings. Know that I'm visiting you all, but not commenting as much as in the past.

Have a wonderful evening~Becky


Janet-Olde Crow Primitives said...

Hi Becky.
That is a really nice package you received. I can smell the wonderful scents all the way up here in Canada!
Have a great evening.

michelle said...

Wonderful goodies!Im lovin Misi farmhouse tea candle right now.The scents are just amazing!Enjoy!big hugs michelle

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Misi does send out a great package. I love her work. I have some of her fabric flowers and can only say, I wish I had more. Love-love-love the beeskep!
you've been blessed.
you do love your cubbies, don't you?!

Sabrina @Falling Leaf Woodworkers and Primitives said...

Becky, love everything Misi sent you. What a wonderful package full of goodies. Love all the places you put your goodies.

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

love it all!!

renee said...

Wonderful! I am glad you are enjoying your summer!

Robyn~Primlish said...

That Misi has a heart of gold!! I just love all her goodes on her selling blog! You have placed your winnings in beautiful places! Congrats!!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

What wonderful goodies from Misi ~ I can almost smell them now!
Enjoy ~ you deserve them!
Prim Blessings

TheCrankyCrow said...

Lucky you Becky - and how sweet of Misi - her goodies are legendary! I have some of the bee skeps - aren't they wonderful? When I got my box from Misi, I could smell heaven before I even opened it! Think you found perfect homes for everything too!! Especially that large apple candle....Perfect!! Enjoy! Have a happy Wednesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Farmhouse prims said...

Wow, how awesome, Misi sure spoiled you, her creations are awesome, I can smell them now. Hugs, Lecia

nancy huggins said...

That is some really great goodies..maybe I can win some of her goodies when she has another give away :)