Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas Gifts

Good afternoon friends. Seems like I'm posting less & less these days. And would you like to know the reason??? Can anyone guess??? It'a a new addiction of mine~Pinterest. Yep~I've been spending hours on the site. I love it, but I'm not getting a thing done. I look at what all of you are making & I'm so jealous. I don't have the will power to turn off the computer.

So I'm finally showing a couple of goodies I got this year for Christmas. The first is an original Jackie Schmitt angel I found in an antique mall before Christmas. She is a tree topper. She was only $12.00!! I scooped her right up before Mom saw her. I told myself I wasn't going to buy anymore Christmas stuff, but couldn't resist.

And at the same antique mall I found this beauty. Mom bought it for me for Christmas. I have a "thing" for old boxes & cubbies & couldn't resist. Love it!! Thank you Mom!! It's wood & has metal drawers. I don't know what it was used for, but it's mine now!!

So besides hanging out all the time on Pinterest, I haven't been doing much of anything else. I'm back to working overnights this week. We're getting ready for the new Spring clothing line to come in. This week if camo clothing & the next couple of weeks will be the casual clothing lines. I'm not a fan of working the night shift. Good thing it's only a few weeks a year.

Take care my friends. Time to start cooking dinner & then it's off to work. Have a great week!!



A Primitive Homestead said...

Your Christmas angel doll is so prim pretty. I would have to keep her out year round. Wonderful gift from your Mom. Hope the nightshift goes fast for you. Blessings!

annie said...

I like your angel and your cupboard!

Farmhouse prims said...

Love your angel and box. you just enjoy yourself on the computer, you work sooo hard. Hugs, Lecia

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Night shift-yuck! Love that angel! What a buy! Been hearing Pinterest is fun - gotta ck it out! ~*~Lisa

Gayle said...

I love little drawers & cubbies also - thanks for posting a link to your Pinterest boards - I've already pinned several things from there - YUM!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Becky ~
Love the angel and your new little cubby!
I refuse to look at Pinterest. I hear it is wonderful but there just are not enough hours in the day for one more thing...sigh.
Pug hugs :)

Holly said...

Love your finds! Isn't Pinterest so addicting? I LOVE it. I have to make myself get off the computer. Have fun!

Misi said...

Beautiful Angel ..what a great find!
& that tin lined cubbie is awesome... Wonderful for you friend! Enjoy!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

great angel!
really loving the tin lined cupboard. I know you love it, too!

Trace4J said...

Love the sweet angle. What a find. I also love the cubby. Oh friend I will not even join the pin interest. I know I would be hooked.
Hugs to you

BumbleBeeLane said...

Wonderful finds!The cubby is so neat. Yes Pinterest is addicting see you've visited me a few times on Blessings!~Amy

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Great finds~love the doll & the cubby~

Firecracker Kid said...

Hey Becky :o) Hooked on pinterest ay? I'm hearing this a lot as of late. I haven't gotten there yet, but sounds like I need to.
I really love that wood and tin piece myself. Unique with lots of patina and primitive character. Thanks to mom! Don't work too hard now my friend. Hugs~Carol