Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Display Chain...Personal Pride

It's Tuesday and time again for the display chain hosted by Misi of 1890 Gable House Musings. This week's theme is personal pride.

When I think of what I'm most proud of ...F~A~M~I~L~Y is what comes to mind. Twenty four years ago I married my wonderful husband. Five years later #1 son Cody was born. Three years after that, Stephen was born. I was on bed rest with both boys for all of my prenancy, so Tim had to do it all. Go to work, cook, clean, laundry, shopping (we did get help from my Mom). I am proud to be his wife.

This is Stephen & Zoey snoozing away on a trip home after a long weekend of snowmobiling. I'm proud to be his Mom. He will be a junior in high school this fall & wants to go to college to be a nuclear scientist (big plans, but we are told he has the brains to do it).

Cody on the day he became an Eagle Scout. We are very proud of him for this accomplishment.

And on his graduation day from high school. Another proud mom moment. He is now going to school to become an electrician.

There you have it. My Personal Pride. My family.

Head over to Misi's to join in or to check out what others have posted.

Enjoy your evening~Becky


jennifer768 said...

What a wonderful family ! Lots of reasons to be proud ! I enjoyed the pics.Hugs,Jen

Janet-Olde Crow Primitives said...

Great pictures Becky, and you should be proud!

renee said...

You should be proud! You have raised some great kids! I am sure he is happy to have you for his mom~ well, both of them I meant to say! LOL!
I think you are a sweetheart of a gal!

michelle said...

Beautiful family!You should be so very proud!Have a great night!big hugs michelle

~Madalynne~ said...

What a wonderful family Becky! You have much to be proud of. Thanks for sharing.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Beautiful, beautiful family, Becky!! A real source of pride - and joy! And you - you're just the cutest little thing! I can see a smile in your heart!! Thanks for sharing! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Farmhouse prims said...

You have a beautiful family!!! You have reason to be proud!!! Hugs, Lecia

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Family is the most important thing we have! Yours is beautiful and there is nothing more worthy of your pride!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

You have a beautiful family and you have every reason to be proud!
I'm sure they are very proud of you too!
Thanks for sharing.
Prim Blessings

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Hi Becky, what a beautiful family!! You have lots to be proud of!!
Have a great day!!

tamera-country at heart said...

What a lovely family. Thanks for sharing them with us.
Have a nice day
Country at heart

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Becky,
What a wonderful post...and FAMILY is the best!
Your family is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Great pics~ captures real~family happiness~ something you should be so proud of~ love it!!!

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Becky, Congrats on your eagle scout!!! that is not a small undertaking and requires so much work and so much pride too!! Wonderful family pictures my prim friend!!! OLM

Primsue said...

Becky, you should be proud - you have a wonderful family.

Robyn~Primlish said...

Beautiful family photos! Congrats on winning the display chain this week! Yeah!!