Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Challenge Revealed....Meet Momma Mouse

Good Morning~although it's going to be another hot & sticky day here today, I'm not going to let the heat get to me. I'm going to spend the day creating (and do a little cleaning). I decided to participate in Donna's (Sweet Prairie Dwellings) challenge. The challenge was to create something from this wonderful roll of potty paper.

I thought what the heck I am going to do with this? As I was waiting to fall asleep one night, I thought about making a mouse make do. I've been on a mice kick lately as you've all probably noticed. So this is the start....

Meet Momma and her babies.

Momma was sneaking around the people house looking for scraps when she came across this roll of toilet paper. She started by stuffing some of the paper in her pouch, but decided to hide the whole roll under her skirt. She figured the people of the house wouldn't miss one little roll of toilet paper & it would make a nice cozy nest for all her little ones. What do you think? Did she succeed in hiding it?? LOL


Momma with her little pouch & 2 of her babies.

A close up of her pouch. She made the little bag with a scrap of leftover antique quilt she picked up off the floor in the sewing room of the lady person. Baby loves how soft the snippet of toilet paper is & can't wait to snuggle into a bed of it when momma gets it home.

I hope you enjoyed Momma mouse. I had a wonderful time creating her for Donna's challenge.

I'll be checking back later to see what the other's have come up with for Donna's challenge. If you haven't checked out Donna's blog yet, you really should. She makes some wonderful things, has great giveaways, & does fun challenges.

Off to do some creating~I have a swap to finish up & another one to get started & 2 big shows coming up in September (which really isn't that far off).

Enjoy the day & stay cool~Becky


Sheila said...

Absolutely love this one! I'm not a "mice" lover but this one is so darn cute and how clever you are! Love the little story with the picture trail. I'm amazed as to what you gals come up with.
Wishing you a sunshine filled day!

Patti said...

Becky sooo cute.....

Farmhouse prims said...

Becky, this is adorable, how do you think of your awesome creations? Love it!!!