Friday, July 23, 2010

Still Stormin & My Swap Goodies Arrived

Happy Friday Everyone~

I hope you are all have a good day so far. It's raining again today & hot & muggy. We already have a lot of flooding in the area as some nasty storms came through yesterday. Well~enough about the weather~on to the goodies...

I participated in Char's textile swap over at The Pickled Pepper Patch. My swap partner is Lecia of Farmhouse Prims. I came home from some errands yesterday to find this package on my porch.

Hmmm.... I knew who sent the package, but what goodies are hiding inside??

Even though I wanted to rip open the packages, I was a good girl & opened her wonderful card first. I nice note from a new friend....

Inside the first package was this cute little Halloween pillow Lecia bought from another blog friend.... Can it get any better? We're off to a great start!!

Next package....A house & willow tree candle mat~just perfect!! Love it!!

Package #3~a wonderful pack of hand towels & prim Halloween tag. I love crows!! Score ;)

Better view of one of the towels.

I'm showing you all the goodies in the order that they were opened. I think I saved the best for last without even knowing it.
I have to tell a little secret. Lecia was a little nervous about our swap because she said she was not a crafter. These next two items were made by her hands & they are my favorite two items in my swap package. It is wonderful that she came out of her comfort zone to attempt to make a handmade item for our swap. The rule was at least one item had to be handmade by someone. Lecia fulfilled that rule with the pumpkin pillow. I am honored that she made both of these next 2 items for me. She did a wonderful job on both the bonnet & the little prairie doll. I hope she had fun making these & it will something she continues to do. I will treasure them both!

Thanks Lecia for the wonderful goodies my friend. I just hope you will enjoy your goodies as much as I am enjoying mine. If you're reading this, your package will be in the mail soon!!

Enjoy the day everyone~Becky


prims by olde lady morgan said...

Becky, what a great swap!!! OLM

Patti said...

wow, you made out just great...Lecia did a fantastic job!

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

WOWSERS!! What a fabulous swap.
And I completely agree, Lecia did an AMAZING job on her two hand made goodies.
Still Drooling over that bonnet!! ;)

Thanks for sharing,

Gayle said...

You got some wonderful goodies! Aren't swaps fun?

Farmhouse prims said...

Becky, I almost cried as I read your wonderful comments!!! Thank-you and I hope you enjoy each and every item. I am so glad that we have met, my wonderful prim friend!!! The items I made for you were made with Love!!!!! this swap was soooo much fun!!!!! There is no doubt in my mind that I will love what you send!!!!

Donna said...

OMG!!! Score is right!!!! Lecia is sooooooooooo much more talented than she gives herself credit for!!!! Lecia if you are reading this sweetheart ,,,you are Indeed a Crafter,,,And a wonderful one at that!!!!!!!! I would never think to attempt a Prairie Bonnet now or ever!!! lol!!! I'm scared to death of those things!!! I would screw them up for sure!!! I do'nt really sew... I fake it..and not very well at that !!! lol!!!!I love it all... but I am with Becky,,,,the Bonnet and the Doll are my are a lucky girl Beck!!! hugs!!!!

Beckyjean said...

Thanks ladies for the wonderful comments. Lecia's package went out today, so check out her blog next week to see what I sent her.


Patti said...

thanks for stoppin' by and signing up for my of luck Becky!!