Sunday, February 28, 2010

He finally did it....

Happy Sunday everyone. This proud Mom wants you all to know that Cody is the newest Eagle Scout in Troop 741. He had his Eagle Board of Review yesterday morning. Here he is with Helen~one of our district leaders. Check out that big smile. He's probably thinking "What a relief~mom is finally off my butt." This was taken right after he found out that he was official.

The next picture is with Jane (his second Mom). She has been with him throughout his whole scouting career. He started in 1st grade & is now a senior in high school. She is a proud Mom too. Cody is the last of her boys to Eagle.

Time to get it in gear. My goal was to finish Cody's eagle quilt and sew together all my snowball blocks by this week end and I have a long way to go to finish (and a lot of cleaning to do too).  Have a wonderful day!!


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