Monday, February 22, 2010

Wonderful week end and another finish.

What a wonderful week end we had. We drove up to my parent's cabin in the North Woods of Wisconsin. The sun was shining & the temperatures were in the mid 30's.  A beautiful week end!!!  We rode 185 miles on Saturday, came  back to the cabin and had a nice hamburger dinner. Hamburgers you say~what's so great about hamburgers?  It was the first time we grilled out in a long time and the burgers were delicious!! I guess I'm a girl of simple tastes. Before going to bed for the evening, we watched a young doe out the back window for about half an hour. What a delightful way to finish the day. Sunday was a quick ride and then off home we went.
Today I was supposed to host the ladies for our sewing group, but it was not meant to be. Stephen (the younger son) woke up with the stomach flu & I followed shortly after.  Luckily it seems to be the shorter version. By mid afternoon, we both were feeling well enough to do a little something. I decided to make this autograph book for Cody for his Eagle Scout Court of Honor. I cut out the pieces out of wool and used my new felting machine (my Christmas present from my parents) to fuse the pieces to my foundation wool. I then glued the finished piece to a blank journal I bought from my local Dollar store. I just love how it turned out and it only took about an hour. I am so excited about this machine!! I can see the possibilities.

Have a great week!!

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