Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm Back...and check out this beautiful rug

I am a terrible blogger. I have actually been back from vacation for a little over a week.  I needed a vacation from my vacation. We drove to Florida~we took our boys to Disney. We had a wonderful time. I've been catching up on reading all my favorite blogs and doing a little shopping on ebay. I purchased this wonderful hooked rug from Rhonda at . It arrived in the mail today and I absolutely love it!! It is a really early Birthday present to myself. I love hooked rugs & collect rabbits, so this rug was perfect for me. She has some other wonderful things listed on ebay, but I have to behave & not buy any more things for a while. We are trying to save up to purchase some hunting land with a cabin. This has been a dream of my hubby's for a long time~and because he gives me everything I ever want, it's time he gets something he wants. I wouldn't mind another place to decorate.LOL
This is Cody relaxing in our Disney hotel. He turned 18 on February 11. Happy Birthday Baby!  He's finally finished with his Eagle Scout paperwork and will be having his final interview next Saturday to see if he is deserving of the award. Wish him luck! We told him not to be nervous and to be himself & he will not have a problem.Stephen relaxing in our hotel. He had a great time our first day. He loved our hotel. We were pleasantly surprised when we opened our door and discovered that we had been upgraded.We reserved a room with 2 beds and we got a family suite. The room had two full bathrooms, a small kitchen, a seperate bedroom for Tim and I, a sleeper sofa and a sleeper chair, and a seperate living area. The boys liked that they had their own t.v.

Me and Hubby at the Florida Welcome center.

Boys in front of our hotel. We stayed at the All Star Music resort. We were in the Jazz building.
Tim getting a kick in the pants by the giant cowboy boot in front of the Country Music building at our resort.
I've been getting the urge to work on some spring craft projects after seeing all the wonderful things posted. I have a couple of fall and winter projects to finish up first. I will post pics of finished things as they are completed.

We are going snowmobiling this week end so have a great week end.


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Jessica said...

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