Sunday, April 11, 2010

Geocaching Anyone?

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you all had a week end filled with fun & family. We had beautiful weather here in Southern Wisconsin. I did some Spring cleaning & it was wonderful to be able to open the windows & let the warm Spring breeze in. Laundry was hung on the clothesline and we also did some painting. 

The boys and I took off today & did some geocaching. Geocaching is like a high tech treasure hunt. People hide caches & post coordinates on . You pick a cache you would like to find (we pick caches close to our home), enter the coordinates in a handheld GPS unit & off you go. The boys love it, I get some much needed exercise, and it also gets them away from the video games. Zoey, our little doggie girl, usually gets to go along too.  It was a wonderful day to geocache. We found 3 caches and toured a local park we didn't know about. Here is a picture of Cody & Stephen checking out our second cache. They didn't find anything they wanted to trade for in the cache, so we just signed the log book.

Hope you have a wonderful week. We have rain showers forecasted for most of the week. I'm working every day this week so the rain won't bother me.


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TeresaM said...

I've heard of Geocaching but never did it!! Sounds like a lot of fun and a great family outing!