Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Harvest Basket Pictures and Craft Show

It's another dark and dreary day here in Wisconsin. It was a beautiful Fall day yesterday. It reached 70 degrees. Too bad I had to work. I still got to enjoy the day though. Came home and cleaned up some of the dead plants in my yard and still had time to hang some blankets on the line to air out. I'm off today and enjoying myself even if the weather doesn't want to cooperate. I've got some pics of my booth from last week-ends craft show. It's called A Community Affair & features lots of hand made items & booths with antiques. I think my booth looked a little crowded compared to others, but couldn't figure out how to make it look any better with the variety of items that I make. It was a wonderful show for me. The sales were great!! I just wish I would remember to take a picture of my booth after one of these shows. Big difference! Close up of the front of my booth. I just bought this set of shutters and they are a wonderful display piece. They were $10 well spent.
Close up of some of my fall/halloween items. Sorry~pic is a little blurry, but you get the idea.
Some of the table quilts and runners I made.
This little wreath found a home in my kitchen. I have a small spot for hanging things between my window. I have something that goes on the nail for each season/holiday. This little witch wreath is the perfect size and works perfectly~ and I didn't have anything yet to go here for Halloween. Love it!! Thank you again Momma B. Don't mind the "haunted house" in the background. It's right next door & has been vacant for over a year. The bank is just letting it rot away. What a waste!!
Frankie and the Kitty pillow/pinkeep made a home on my Halloween tree. Kitty may find another home next year (maybe tucked in with some of my baskets) but for now I am enjoying him on my Halloween tree. This tree is in my dining room for all to enjoy. A big thanks to Joan for Frankie & Teresa for Kitty. I love them both!!
Close up of Frankie perched on the tree top.
Kitty is about halfway down right in the middle of his favorite snack~candy corn.

Piggy is on my pantry door in my kitchen. She comes from Judy over at the Old Farmhouse Gathering. Just like I thought, my MIL saw her and wanted to take her home. I said maybe in a few weeks. I want to enjoy her for a while first (maybe she'll forget about "Miss Piggy").
I've still got more goodies~so check back to see where the others have ended up.


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