Tuesday, October 20, 2009

VFW Dedication and Homecoming

I thought I would post of few pictures of my boys. This is Cody, the oldest of my two boys with his girlfriend Britney. This past week-end was homecoming, so of course they had to go to the dance. They had a good time at the dance hanging out with all their friends.

Another pic of the two of them~this time inside. It was freezing out and I had to snap some pics really fast. Can you tell Cody was telling me I had enough pics of them. He doesn't look exactly thrilled. He had two moms making sure they had lots of pics.

Another pic of Cody in front of his Eagle scout project. Again he looks so thrilled. He did a landscaping project for our local VFW hall. They have a tank in front of the building. He painted all their doors and all the columns on their building. Put concrete edging in front of the building with decorative stone and lilacs. In front of the tank, he used patio pavers to make a triangular shape. Then he filled in with the decorative stone. He had the boulder cut to fit the stone plaque and had it mounted. He repainted the plaque and added the war markers. The war markers represent each war and each marker holds a flag. This was a long project. He had to raise the money to pay for it too. I am so proud of him. Now he just needs to finish up his paperwork and complete a few other things and hopefully he will become an Eagle Scout.

This is part of his completed project.

These 3 men are members of the VFW and were his committee. He went to them with problems or for advice.

The little guy on the right is my baby, Stephen. Well, he's not a baby, but he's my baby. He's 14 and a freshman this year. His goal is to become and Eagle Scout also.

Cody again. Giving his dedication speech in front of the members of the VFW, his family, and all his donors.

That's it for now. Off to try to sleep. Have to work at 6 a.m.


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