Monday, October 5, 2009

Beautiful Autumn Day and Flea Market Goodies

I can't believe it! We've had two wonderful days without rain. We sure needed the rain, but I thought it would never stop. Yesterday was a rare Sunday off work for me, so what's a girl to do-head out to the flea market. Hubby didn't want to go, so I went with my mom. I found lots of goodies (good thing hubby stayed home or some of the goodies would have stayed at the flea market). Top 2 pics are some wonderful old baskets I came just had to have. Love them. One was $15 and the other was $18. Lady didn't want to bargain cuz it was early, but I've seen smaller versions in shops for $30 and up, so I thought I got off with a pretty good price. Third pic is a bunch of smalls I picked up. Bought a bunch of zinc lids for 3/$1-blue bowl was free, and the others were $2 each. Everything in the last pic was $1 each. Most of the cans don't have a lid, but I'll be using them for crafts anyway and don't need the lid.
That's if for now!! Going back outside to do some fall decorating before the rains comes again. The forcast says more overnight.

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Carol said...

Becky, Awesome finds there! I like 'em. I gotta get outta the house! LOL. Carol