Monday, December 7, 2009

Light Show

Good Afternoon~
Thought I would post pics of our family outing this week-end. We went to see a Christmas light show in our local county park. This is the first year of what we hope becomes an annual event. My pictures do not do this show justice. We went on a beautiful 15 minute drive around the park looking at all the wonderful lighted displays. Everything was supposed to be timed with music, but I think they were a little behind because the lights were not in sync with the music. It was awesome~even without the music. We will go again closer to Christmas. I think it will be better when we have a nice layer of snow on the ground (big snowstorm coming Tuesday night). The best part about this show~no set admission fee, just bring a $ donation or food for local families in need. Beautiful lights & it benefits my community~what more to love!!
Last pic is my boys & Cody's girlfriend Brittany. They were a little cold. We got out to visit Santa's workshop (mom didn't know we would be getting out of the car~we sure weren't dressed for the cold.)

Have a great week~Becky

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