Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow, Snow, and more snow..... and more Christmas decorating

The weatherman said we were in for a big snowfall, but this was a little much for me. Love the snow, but not when I have to be at work at 6 a.m. and the plows cannot keep up. The boys had a snow day & I should have took one too, but crazy lady that I am, I ventured out to work. We ended up with 13 inches of heavy wet snow. The good thing was that is was too heavy to blow around much (we had high winds too), the bad thing was it was very heavy to shovel & the snow blower didn't want to throw it.My little guy Stephen trying to dig out our steps.
Cody trying to help out before Dad got home.

I thought I would post some pics of our dining room now that I am really in the mood for Christmas. The pics aren't the greatest~too bright or blurry, but I hope you enjoy them despite my terrible picture taking ability.
The gift tag, star, and little tin candle pan are all from my swap with Beth.
This is the cabinet that is the early Christmas present from my hubby. Don't you just love it? I told him he could have half of the space inside~he better hurry cuz I have it half full of craft projects already.
The wreath I made using a pattern by Sandy of the Olde Country Cupboard (love her patterns)!!

Top of my cabinet.

Bench by the stairs~guess I should put some greenery on top of the dog's tennis balls.
I made these stockings about 5 years ago. I need to make one more, but haven't decided what to put on the front of the 4th one.

I made the snowman picture. I used an old cabinet front for the frame.
After seeing the tutorial today from Kris at Simply Prim, I will be replacing this bowl of fake greens with real ones. To see her fresh greenery arrangement tutorial go see her at .

I hope you enjoyed my dining room tour. Have a wonderful day! I'm off to work on Hubby's Christmas quilt and do some Christmas baking to warm up the house.

Warm winter wishes~Becky

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LeeHillPrimitives said...

Beautiful pictures! Love everything in your house.