Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Christmas Decorating

The countdown begins...only 3 days before Christmas and I have so much to do yet. It's my own fault for not doing a little each day. I have presents to wrap, cookies to bake, and a gift to finish. At least my shopping is done!! The kids are out on Christmas break so they will be lending a helping hand. We will do a lot of our cookie baking tomorrow. We have a few kinds made, but still need to make a couple more kinds. I have really enjoyed seeing all the wonderful pics of everyone's Christmas decorating. I thought I would share a few more of mine. These are pics of my family room. Santa came from my swap partner Beth..

A close up of Santa. The snowball candle in the basket is also from Beth (it was my smell good item).
The little white pail also came from Beth~it has a grubby candle (doesn't show in the pic but I love it!!)  Also pictured is a little mouse in Santa's boot and a little framed quilt that I made from scraps from a bigger quilt project.

Some of my hubby's nutcrackers. He has about 30 of them scattered around the house.

It is my favorite time of the night. The house is quiet~everyone is in bed but me. I will work on my hubby's present for awhile before calling it a night.

Make sure in all the hustle & bustle to take a little time for yourself~if only a minute or two.

Have a good evening~Becky

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Brenda said...

Becky...here's hoping you and your family have a very Merry CHristmas! Stay safe and warm!!