Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Redo

Good Morning~
  I was shopping at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago & came across this wonderful little doll crib. I thought "How Cute" &  walked away because I just can't bring anymore stuff home. I went home without it~good girl right? Well, later that day I was talking to my mom about my nieces upcoming birthday & she tells my she bought an American Girl Bitty Baby doll. Well.....what goes with a new dolly? Why a new crib of course. So back to the thrift store I go and guess what? They were having a 50% off sale. This is a picture of the bed before.

After a couple of coats of paint. Ta Da!! A nice little birthday present. I also added a little mattress. Prim lover that I am, I wanted to scruff it up and add some stain & tea stain the mattress, but my sister is not into prim and would have thought I was crazy to give her daughter a grubby old bed. 

I still have to scape the paint of the metal rails, but other than that, this little crib is ready to go.

Have a great day~Becky

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Beansieleigh said...

Hi Becky!.. Isn't that the way!! All the way home, and Oh!.. I SHOULD have bought that! (0; I recently threw one doll bunk bed out, and can hardly forgive myself for it still; but I have one I kept. It could use a paint job I'm sure, but it has those old style decals (if you know what I'm talking about? from 50's and 60's?) and the original color that I just feel like I don't dare want to mess around with, and ruin. I'm in a smaller place now since October, I am still looking for the perfect spot for it, but where there's a will, there's a way.. And I'm determined!.. Nice to meet you! ~tina