Monday, January 4, 2010

Good evening~

Hope everyone has had a nice Monday. I had the day off work today and decided it was time to take down my Christmas decorations. I got most of it done~just a few things left to put away. I decided that I may as well dig out my Valentines Day stuff. I don't have too much, so it didn't take long to decorate. Cleaning took forever though!! I have 2 trees that I leave out year round. One is a little 2 foot tree that stays  in my Eagle crock. This is what is pictured. I needle punched the eagle a couple of years ago & love it. I decorate this little tree for each season or holiday. My other tree is a 6 foot alpine tree that sits in my dining room. I also decorate this tree for each season.

I have very simple hearts on this little tree. Each heart has a rusty pin & rusty bell on the front of the heart. Hope you enjoyed the pic of my little Valentine tree.

Have an enjoyable week!

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