Monday, May 24, 2010


Good Morning All~

I finally decided to get it in gear and do something. We're in the middle of a heat (and humid...Yuck) wave here & I'm staying in. I am not a fan of heat at all (although I have to say it's better than the never ending rain some of you are having). I was busy yesterday making some dollies and painting lots of goodies. This little santa is made from a Chestnut Junction pattern. I know I will  be making more of him.

I also did a lot of painting & staining. I'm not sure yet if I will sell some of these goodies or if I'll keep them all.

I'm working tonight so I need to get moving on some of the things I started this weekend, but did not finish. I will have more to share later this week.

Have a great week~Becky

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